The Mortimer History Society was launched in 2009 to provide a focus and forum for all those who are interested in the medieval Mortimer dynasty and the history of the Welsh Marches. As well as developing our knowledge of the local and national history associated with the main Mortimer family, members are actively involved in studying castles, churches, tombs, stained glass, heraldry, artefacts and documents linked to the dynasty. We are interested in all aspects of life on the Welsh borders including the history of the Marcher Lords and the Welsh Princes as well as the exploration of other branches of the medieval Mortimer family.

The Society seeks to promote a wider interest in this fascinating period of history among a diverse audience including young people, particularly those living in ‘Mortimer Country’ in the counties of Herefordshire, Shropshire and Powys. As of May 2019 we have over 400 members worldwide.



John Grove

Dr Paul Dryburgh


Dr Ian Mortimer

John and Carol Challis of Wigmore Abbey

Trustees & Officers 2019-20

Chair Jason O'Keefe
Secretary Philip Hume
Treasurer Mike Beazley
Membership Secretary Hugh Wood
Andrew Colby
John Fleming
Elizabeth Holley
Yve James  
Clive Jupp
Kirsten Lawton-Smith
Jean de Rusett
Stanton Stephens
Other Society Responsibilities
Journal Paul Dryburgh
Website, Newsletters & Heraldry Hugh Wood
Event Manager Jean de Rusett
Publicity Design Kirsten Lawton-Smith
Merchandise Stanton Stephens
The Mortimer Trail Philip Hume
Marcher Lordships Project Philip Hume
MHS Schools Project Philip Hume
Essay Prize Philip Hume