Aymestrey is on the A4110 about 18 miles north of Hereford and 3 miles south of Wigmore.
(grid reference SO 426652  -  postcode HR6 9ST)

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Aymestrey was a vill that fell into Mortimer hands in 1075 and remained with them for the rest of their time as Barons of Wigmore. The church was certainly standing by 1140 around which time Oliver Merlimond, the steward of Hugh Mortimer (d1181), granted it to Shobdon Priory which he had recently founded. Hugh also made Oliver’s son, Eudes Merlimond, parson of Aymestrey. Merlimond and Mortimer fell out soon afterwards and Hugh Mortimer resumed control of Aymestrey around 1145 and may well have destroyed this church as well as Lye Church around 1148. The church was soon rebuilt, for between 1174 and 1179 Hugh Mortimer granted Aymestrey Church to his new foundation of Wigmore Abbey. By 1292 the Mortimers had sub-infeudated Aymestrey to the Lingens and it is likely that they were responsible for the later tower and aisles of the church.

Article by Paul Remfry
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