Close to the railway station in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire
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Article written in 2013 by Hugh Wood quoting from Paul Remfry
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Edmund Mortimer, 5th and last Earl of March (d1425) was just six when his father died and he became a royal ward. Henry IV had reason to fear the Mortimers as many thought they had a stronger claim to the throne than he did. So he kept Edmund quite close, raising him, his brother Roger (dc1413) and his sister Anne (d1411) with his own son, the future Edward V at Windsor and Berkhamsted. His fears proved well founded as Anne Mortimer's grandsons both ascended the throne as the Yorkist kings Edward IV and Richard III.

Berkhamsted Castle was probably commenced soon after the battle of Hastings in 1066. In the early fifteenth century the castle was the cradle of the Lancastrian dynasty. It now consists of a fine motte and bailey surmounted by flint masonry, which the young Mortimer siblings would have known. There are masonry remains of a keep, a barbican, several towers and the internal buildings. The whole still has a double wet moat which is often water-filled in the winter and makes a pleasant public area in the summer.

Photo: Stephen Mackay
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