also known as Tenbury Wells Castle

Burford is a village in Shropshire on the north bank of the river Teme on the A456 opposite to Tenbury Wells in Worcestershire. The castle motte is in a field by the river and a public footpath passes nearby.
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Article by Paul Remfry
For more information on the Burford barony go to http://www.castles99.ukprint.com/Essays/burford.html

Photo: Andrew Tivenan

The fortress was once the caput* of the barony of Richard's Castle and was possibly founded before the Norman Conquest in 1066. In 1211 the barony was inherited through marriage by Robert Mortimer of Essex (d1219). He was the founder of the baronial family of Mortimer of Richard's Castle, or Mortimer of Burford as they were also known. This family died out in 1304 when Hugh Mortimer died, apparently poisoned by his wife.

The motte of Burford (or Tenbury Wells) castle consists of a much mutilated mound a little under fifteen feet high. A bailey obviously lay to the north. Its riverside position would suggest that it once occupied flooded ground and used the river to maintain water defences, though any ditches around the earthworks have long since silted up.

*caput = head place of the barony

Photo: Jeremy Colwell (CC BY-SA 2.0)
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