Eardisland is on the B4529, just north of the A44 about 7 miles west of Leominster.
The castle is in the village near the church.
SO 421586

Article by Paul Remfry
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Photo: Gregg Archer

Eardisland Castle was a Braose fortress which was certainly in existence by 1230 when the last Braose of Radnor was hanged by Prince Llywelyn ab Iorwerth. The castle then came into the hands of the Mortimers of Wigmore.

Photo; Gregg Archer

All that remains above ground of Eardisland Castle is the impressive conical motte, still surrounded by the wet moat. All trace of the castle bailey or baileys has now disappeared, but they were probably once extensive, like those of Kingsland Castle. On the (now inaccessible) top of the motte are the overgrown remains of foundations of another shell keep. This one appears about seventy feet in diameter and was probably similar to those found at Kingsland and Aston castles. There was once a causeway over the moat to the motte, but this has been grubbed up in recent times.

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