The village of Kingsland is just to the east of the A4110, 4½ miles north-west of Leominster.
The castle is close to the church.
SO 446613

Article by Paul Remfry
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Photo: Andrew Tivenan

Kingsland castle was a Braose fortress which was certainly in existence by 1230 when William, the last Braose of Radnor, was hanged in 1230 by Prince Llywelyn ab Iorwerth (d1240). The castle then came into the hands of the Mortimers of Wigmore.

Photo: Andrew Tivenan

Today the fortress of Kingsland consists of a low motte on which the remains of a stone keep stood into the seventeenth century. Today, when cattle roam the grassy mound, their hooves occasionally uncover buried foundations which suggest that the mount once supported a shell keep with projecting polygonal turrets. To the north is a kidney shaped bailey and to the east a second more rectangular ward. Beyond them both is a village enclosure which surrounds the ancient parish church. Further enclosures exist to the north and north-west. The south-west side of the fortress was covered by a stream which supplied water to the now silted-up moats.
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