At 1800 hours on Monday 28th September 2015 a parhelion was visible from Ludlow. Also known as sun-dogs, a parhelion is an atmospheric phenomenon which causes two strong areas of light to appear on either side of the sun, some distance away from it. The most famous of these, from a Mortimer perspective, occurred in February 1461 just before the battle of Mortimer's Cross not far from Ludlow, near Wigmore in Herefordshire.

The Ludlow parhelion. Not, perhaps, as impressive as the one in 1461, but a parhelion notwithstanding
Following the death of Richard, Duke of York at the battle of Wakefield in December 1460, his 18 year old son, Edward continued the fight against the Lancastrians. In early February 1461 his Yorkist army marched to intercept a Lancastrian force under Jasper Tudor at Mortimer's Cross near Wigmore. Before the battle a parhelion was observed, so there appeared to be three suns in the sky. The Yorkist soldiers thought it was a bad omen and lost heart, but Edward convinced them that it was a sign that the Trinity were on their side. They won the battle and Edward was proclaimed king Edward IV a few weeks later.

Parhelion2-50A closer view of the right-hand "sun"

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