The genealogy of the Mortimers of Wigmore is a fascinating and complicated subject. Over many years, our Vice-President, Dr Ian Mortimer, has been engaged in a labour of love, disentangling the various strands of the Mortimer family. He is still continually revising the pedigrees and improving our knowledge and, on this page, you can find links to the latest version of the Mortimer family tree.

There were several families of Mortimers in medieval England. Some, such as the Chirk and Chelmarsh branches, are direct offshoots of the Mortimers of Wigmore, developing from younger sons of the family. Some other branches like those of Attleborough, Richards Castle and Bec are strongly suspected of being descended from the early Mortimers of Wigmore, but a firm link has still to be confirmed. But there were also several other Mortimer families, like those of Coedmore in Cardiganshire and Cliffe in Kent about whose origin we know little or nothing.

This study is of major benefit to amateur and professional researchers alike. Dr Mortimer sets out clearly, with full notes, his current understanding of the genealogy of not only the Mortimers of Wigmore but of all the other medieval Mortimer families in England.

Dr Mortimer has also laid out three useful family trees

The Mortimers of Wigmore and their relationship with the House of York   -   Click Here

The origins of the Mortimers of Wigmore and their family connection to William the Conqueror    -   Click Here

The relationship between the Mortimers of Attleborough, Richards Castle and Bec    -    Click Here


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