Decorated in Glory: Churches, Church Building and People in Herefordshire in the 14th century
21st November 2020 - a morning conference held online because of coronavirus restrictions
          Decorated in Glory: Church Building in Herefordshire in the 14th century          LINK
- Prof. Nigel Saul
         Reflected Glory? The Iconography of England's two St Thomases in Herefordshire          LINK
- Dr Ian Bass
        Sins, Saints and Salvation: Medieval Wall Paintings in daily life        LINK
- Tanya Heath

The King's Writ does not run here:the Medieval Welsh Marcher Lordships
3rd October 2020 -  a conference held online because of coronavirus restrictions
          The King's Messenger will eat the royal letter, wax seal and all          LINK
- Philip Hume
         It takes two to tango: the Welsh view of the March          LINK
- Dr David Stephenson
        Law and Lordship in the March of Wales        LINK
- Dr Sara Elin Roberts
The Earldom of Pembroke          LINK
         - John Fleming
        Questions to the Speakers          LINK
Roger Mortimer 4th Earl of March (d1398) and Richard II:
Dynastic Policies and "Proximity" to the Crown in the late 14th century 

16th September 2020 - online only due to coronavirus restrictions          
- Connor Williams    LINK

Kings, Lords, Soldiers and Horses: The Reality of Medieval Warfare
15th February 2020 at Moor Park School Nr Ludlow, Shropshire
          The Place of Battle in the Context of Civil War 1100-c1217       LINK      
          - Professor Matthew Strickland, University of Glasgow
          The Soldier's Experience c1295-c1453      LINK
          - Dr Andy King, University of Southampton         
Lordship and Enduring Influence: The Mortimers in Medieval Ireland
30th November 2019 at Church Stretton School, Shropshire
          Disputed Isle: The Foundations of Mortimer Power in Ireland      LINK      
          - Dr Colin Veach - Senior Lecturer, Universiy of Hull
          A task too great for one dynasty? The Mortimers and Medieval Ireland c.1340-c.1398      LINK
          - Dr Simon Egan - Marie Sklodowska Research Fellow, Glasgow University         
          The Unravelling of Ireland and the Downfall of Richard II        LINK  
          - Prof Nigel Saul - Emeritus Professor, Royal Holloway College, University of London

The Mortimer Inheritance: Key to the Yorkist Crown
29th June 2019 at St Laurence's Church, Ludlow
          The Fairytale of the Garter Knight and the Grandmother:
          The Fall and Rise of the Mortimer Earls of March 1330-1360          LINK
- Dr Paul Dryburgh - the National Archives and President of MHS
          Mortimer and Lancaster: The Origins of a Dynastic Feud          LINK
- Dr Matt Raven - Historian and Runner-Up 2017 MHS Essay Prize
          Don't Mention the Mortimers: How a Putative King became an Impotent Pawn          LINK
         - Prof. Chris Given-Wilson - Emeritus Professor at St Andrews University
          Richard, Duke of York: A Marcher Lord          LINK
- Matthew Lewis - Historian and Writer
         Richard III: From Ludlow to Bosworth          LINK
 - Matthew Lewis - Historian and Writer

The Mortimers to 1330: From Wigmore to Ruler of England
18th May 2019 at Leominster Priory, Herefordshire
          The Genealogy of the Mortimer Family, 1054 - 1300          LINK
          - Dr Ian Mortimer - Historian and Vice-President of the Mortimer History Society
          A Single Battle to Win a Country; Nearly 200 Years to Conquer a Welsh District:
          the Mortimers Struggle to Control Maelienydd          LINK
          - Philip Hume - Historian and Secretary of the Mortimer History Society
         Mortimer Women of the 12th and 13th Centuries          LINK
         - Dr Emma Cavell - Swansea University
         The Flickering Flame: Roger Mortimer and the Troubled Kingship of Edward II          LINK                 
         - Dr Paul Dryburgh - The National Archives & President of the Mortimer History Society
         Hugh Despenser the Younger: The Rise and Fall of a Royal Favourite          LINK          
         - Kathryn Warner - Historian & Author
         Uneasy is the Head that Wears the Crown:
          Roger Mortimer, Ruler and (Possible) Regicide, 1327-1330          LINK          
         - Dr Paul Dryburgh - The National Archives & President of the Mortimer History Society 

On the Record: Writing the Mortimers into History, 1066-1425
16th February 2019 at College Hall, Hereford Cathedral
          Writing and Reading Chronicles in Medieval England     LINK
           -  Michael Staunton, Associate Professor of History at University College, Dublin
          Chronicles & Colleges: Constructing the Image of the Mortimers     LINK
-  Philip Morgan, Senior Lecturer in History at Keele University
          The Mortimers in the Writings of Iolo Goch and Adam Usk     LINK
-  Helen Fulton, Professor of Medieval Literature at the University of Bristol
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