Warlike, ambitious and powerful, the Mortimers bestrode the medieval stage. Inextricably linked with the great events of their time, their story is the tale of a turbulent England racked with dissension, rebellion and open warfare at home and abroad.

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Summary of forthcoming events

Wednesday 17th June 2020
Summer Lecture by Prof. Dan Power
An evening lecture at Grange Court, Leominster - title to be announced

Sunday 19th July 2020
Visit to Hellens, Much Marcle and Kempley
A self-drive visit with car-sharing

Saturday 3rd October 2020
"The King's Writ does not run here": the Medieval Welsh Marcher Lordships
A whole-day conference to be held in Ludlow

Saturday 21st November 2020
Decorated in Glory: churches, church building and people in Herefordshire in the 14th century
In College Hall, Hereford Cathedral - a morning mini-conference